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Carriage House Pottery has been open for business since 1991. Through this medium, I receive great pleasure creating functional handmade pottery. My latest works represent an effort to reach beyond the basics of strictly functional pottery. I am expanding my ideas about form by using various altering methods such as ovaling and squaring and paddling. My creativity is further enhanced by adding movement with chi lines and wavy edges and expressed by additions of surface texture, carving, and slip trailing. With the accumulation of a large library of pottery books, I find inspiration studying ancient Oriental and Classic Roman and Greek forms. Nature, gardening, and traveling are also key elements.
To further explore the possibilities of clay I continue to participate in workshops and attend demonstrations whenever time and opportunity exist. The many ways fellow artists express themselves in their pottery and how the pottery is a direct expression of each artist and how it is is passed on to the buyer fascinates me.
I want the same passion to be passed on to you the buyer and the eventual user of my pottery. This pottery is intended for every day use. It can be handsomely displayed on a shelf, table, nightstand, anywhere. You cannot beat the delight of using a well made mug for your morning coffee or tea. The feel of the mug in your hand is exquisite. A unique porcelain vase can show off the flowers from your garden. A beautiful bowl can hold fruit for eating. Using the pottery completes the intention of the potter, connecting the user and the maker.

While working at the potter's wheel, I am thoroughly absorbed in experiencing the natural earth qualities of the clay. As my hands pass over the surface and give the clump of clay form, I enjoy the smell, the look, and the texturial feel.

Working with stoneware and porcelain clays, I make a variety of functional pottery, including mugs, tea bowls, tea pots, serving platters, casseroles, pitchers, vases, ikebana, and covered jars. Multiple layers of glaze are applied, to enhance the forms and decoration. The pottery is fired a second time in a propane gas fired kiln to 2350 degrees F. This allows the glaze to become very durable. With care, pottery can give years of pleasure. All of my pottery is food safe, durable, and can be put in a dishwasher, microwave, or oven.
My work is displayed at my studio in Ligonier, PA, in the beautiful Laurel Highlands, in the south central part of the Commonwealth. I sell at art festivals along the east coast. A list of shows for 2011 will be attached when available.

JoAnne Arnone

JoAnne Arnone
Carriage House Pottery
773 Forever Lane
Ligonier, Pa 15658

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